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  1. Advances in Natural and Applied Sciences
  2. Advances in Natural Science
  3. Advances in Science and Research
  4. AIP Advances
  5. American Academic & Scholarly Research Journal
  6. American Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research
  7. Anadolu University Journal of Science and Technology. A : Applied Sciences and Engineering
  8. Applied Sciences
  9. Asian Journal of Engineering, Sciences & Technology
  10. Asian Journal of Scientific Research
  11. Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences
  12. Bayero Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences
  13. BioData Mining
  14. Bitlis Eren University Journal of Science and Technology
  15. Buletinul Universitatii Petrol Gaze din Ploiesti, Seria Matematica-Informatica-Fizica
  16. Canadian Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences
  17. Chinese Science Bulletin
  18. Colonial Academic Alliance Undergraduate Research Journal
  19. Columbia Undergraduate Science Journal
  20. Contemporary Materials
  21. Dio : The International Journal of Scientific History
  22. Dio and the Journal for Hysterical Astronomy
  23. Ethics in Science and Environmental Politics
  24. Facta Universitatis Series : Physics, Chemistry and Technology
  25. HiN. Alexander von Humboldt im Netz
  26. Insciences Journal
  27. International e-Journal of Science, Medicine & Education
  28. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology
  29. International Journal of Advances in Applied Sciences
  30. International Journal of Electrical, Electronics and Computer Systems (IJEECS)
  31. International Journal of Emerging Sciences
  32. International Journal of Energy Science
  33. International Journal of Engineering, Science and Technology
  34. International Journal of Fundamental Physical Sciences
  35. International Journal of Internet Science
  36. International Journal of Multidisciplinary Sciences and Engineering
  37. International Journal of Natural Sciences
  38. International Journal of Science and Advanced Technology
  39. International Journal on Advanced Science, Engineering and Information Technology
  40. International Poster Journal of Science & Technology
  41. Journal of Analytical Science & Technology
  42. Journal of Analytical Sciences, Methods and Instrumentation
  43. Journal of Asian Scientific Research
  44. Journal of Bangladesh Academy of Sciences
  45. Journal of Biomedical Discovery and Collaboration
  46. Journal of Emerging Technologies in Web Intelligence
  47. Journal of Encapsulation and Adsorption Sciences
  48. Journal of Fundamental Sciences
  49. Journal of Innovative Research in Engineering and Sciences
  50. Journal of International Research Publications : Materials, Methods & Technologies
  51. Journal of Physical Science
  52. Journal of Quantum Information Science
  53. Journal of Science and Technology
  54. Journal of Scientific Research
  55. Journal of Surface Engineered Materials and Advanced Technology
  56. Journal of the Arkansas Academy of Science
  57. Journal of the Brazilian Society of Ecotoxicology
  58. Kybernetika
  59. Leonardo Journal of Sciences
  60. Lex et Scientia
  61. Maejo International Journal of Science and Technology
  62. McGill Science Undergraduate Research Journal
  63. Membranes
  64. Modern Applied Science
  65. Momona Ethiopian Journal of Science
  66. Open Cybernetics and Systemics Journal
  67. Open Toxinology Journal
  68. Pacific Journal of Science and Technology
  69. Pertanika Journal of Science & Technology
  70. Polar Research
  71. Polymers
  72. PoS – Proceedings of Science
  73. Proceedings of the Arkansas Academy of Science
  74. Recent Research in Science and Technology
  75. Science Diliman
  76. Science Journal Ubon Ratchathani University
  77. Science Studies
  78. Science World Journal
  79. ScienceAsia
  80. Scientific Reports
  81. Scientific Research and Essays
  82. Silpakorn University Science and Technology Journal
  83. Thammasat International Journal of Science and Technology
  84. The Scientific World Journal
  85. TOJSAT
  86. Trakia Journal of Sciences
  87. University of Toronto Journal of Undergraduate Life Sciences
  88. V Care For Life Sciences Journal
  89. Walailak Journal of Science and Technology
  90. Zbornik Matice Srpske za Prirodne Nauke

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