Free Open Access Journals in History

  1. 19 : Interdisciplinary Studies in the Long Nineteenth Century
  2. 49th Parallel: An Interdisciplinary Journal of North America
  3. Acta Academica
  4. Acta Baltica Historiae et Philosophiae Scientiarum
  5. Acta Facultatis Educationis Physicae Universitatis Comenianae
  6. Acta Periodica Duellatorum
  7. Acta Universitatis Sapientiae: Film and Media Studies
  8. Advances in Group Theory and Applications
  9. Africa Spectrum
  10. African Invertebrates
  11. Al-ʿUṣūr al-Wusṭā
  12. Alpine and Mediterranean Quaternary
  13. American Studies Journal
  14. Ampersand
  15. Ancient Asia
  16. Angles
  17. Annals of Spiru Haret University Economic Series
  18. Anuarul Institutului de Cercetări Socio-Umane „C.S. Nicolăescu-Plopşor”
  19. Človek a Spoločnosť
  20. AP : Online Journal in Public Archaeology
  21. Applied Microscopy
  22. Arabian Epigraphic Notes
  23. Arcadia: Explorations in Environmental History
  24. Archaeology International
  25. Architectural Histories
  26. Archives for the Philosophy and History of Soft Computing
  27. Asian Nursing Research
  28. Aspasia
  29. Athens Journal of Architecture
  30. BAF-Online
  31. Biogeographia
  32. BJHS Themes
  33. Board Game Studies Journal
  34. Bothalia: African Biodiversity & Conservation
  35. British Journal of American Legal Studies
  36. Bulletin of the History of Archaeology
  37. Bulletin of the International Association for Paleodontology
  38. Bulletin of the Iraq Natural History Museum
  39. Caesura: Journal of Philological and Humanistic Studies
  40. Catholic Social Science Review
  41. Cerae: An Australasian Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies
  42. Chemistry
  43. Chronika
  44. Cliodynamics
  45. Close Encounters in War Journal
  46. Cogent Arts & Humanities
  47. Cogent Economics & Finance
  48. Confero: Essays on Education, Philosophy and Politics
  49. Conservation Letters
  50. Conservation Physiology
  51. Conservation Science and Practice
  52. Contemporary Southeastern Europe
  53. Coolabah
  54. Cosmos and History : the Journal of Natural and Social Philosophy
  55. Cross-Currents: East Asian History and Culture Review
  56. Dianoia
  57. Digital Humanities Quarterly
  58. Digital Medievalist
  59. Digital Studies
  60. Diversity and Distributions
  61. Documenta Praehistorica
  62. Dotawo
  63. Dubrovnik Annals
  64. East/West: Journal of Ukrainian Studies
  65. Eastern European Journal of Regional Studies
  66. Eastern Journal of European Studies
  67. Economic Thought
  68. Economics, Management and Sustainability
  69. e-conservation Journal
  70. Environmental Humanities
  71. Ergo, An Open Access Journal of Philosophy
  72. Essays in Economic and Business History
  73. Ethics & Bioethics (in Central Europe)
  74. EURINT
  75. European Journal of American Studies
  76. European Journal of Creative Practices in Cities and Landscapes
  77. European Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies
  78. European Journal of Life Writing
  79. European Journal of Taxonomy
  80. Euxeinos
  81. EXARC Journal
  82. Expert Journal of Economics
  83. Expositions: Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities
  84. Fascism
  85. Federal History
  86. Frontiers in Digital Humanities
  87. Frontiers in Marine Science
  88. Genocide Studies and Prevention: An International Journal
  89. Getsempena English Education Journal
  90. Global Education Review
  91. Glossator: Practice and Theory of the Commentary
  92. Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Studies
  93. Groma
  94. Health and Human Rights
  95. Heritage
  96. Historical Encounters: A Journal of Historical Consciousness, Historical Cultures, and History Education
  97. Historical Life Course Studies
  98. Histories of Postwar Architecture
  99. History Education Research Journal
  100. History of Geo- and Space Sciences
  101. History of Women in the Americas
  102. Hmong Studies Journal
  103. Humanities
  104. Humanities & Social Sciences Communications
  105. Human-Wildlife Interactions
  106. IAFOR Journal of Arts & Humanities
  107. IHiS (Indonesian Historical Studies)
  108. IJEBP (International Journal of Educational Best Practices)
  109. IKAT: The Indonesian Journal of Southeast Asian Studies
  110. ILIRIA International Review
  111. Imago Temporis: Medium Aevum
  112. Interdisciplinaria Archaeologica
  113. International Journal of Africa Nursing Sciences
  114. International Journal of Area Studies
  115. International Journal of Asia-Pacific Studies
  116. International Journal of Ecology
  117. International Journal of Educational Methodology
  118. International Journal of Forestry Research
  119. International Journal of Humanity Studies (IJHS)
  120. International Journal of Indonesian Studies
  121. International Journal of Korean History
  122. International Journal of Modern Anthropology
  123. International Journal of Nusantara Islam
  124. International Journal of Social and Educational Innovation
  125. International Journal of Social Sciences and Humanity Studies
  126. International Review of Scottish Studies
  127. Internet Archaeology
  128. Intersections
  129. Irish Journal of Applied Social Studies
  130. Jewish Historical Studies: Transactions of the Jewish Historical Society of England
  131. JMSNI (Journal of Maritime Studies and National Integration)
  132. Journal for Art Market Studies
  133. Journal for Perspectives of Economic Political and Social Integration
  134. Journal for the History of Analytical Philosophy
  135. Journal for the History of Knowledge
  136. Journal of Ancient History and Archaeology
  137. Journal of Applied Economics
  138. Journal of Architecture and Urbanism
  139. Journal of Art Historiography
  140. Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering
  141. Journal of Computer Applications in Archaeology
  142. Journal of Data Mining and Digital Humanities
  143. Journal of Early Modern Studies
  144. Journal of Florida Studies
  145. Journal of Hate Studies
  146. Journal of Historical Syntax
  147. Journal of Humanistic Mathematics
  148. Journal of Illicit Economies and Development
  149. Journal of Innovation & Knowledge
  150. Journal of Jazz Studies
  151. Journal of Jesuit Studies
  152. Journal of Literature and Science
  153. Journal of Lithic Studies
  154. Journal of Medical Ethics and History of Medicine
  155. Journal of Mediterranean Knowledge
  156. Journal of Modern Philosophy
  157. Journal of Muslim Philanthropy & Civil Society
  158. Journal of Open Archaeology Data
  159. Journal of Open Humanities Data
  160. Journal of Postcolonial Linguistics
  161. Journal of Research on History of Medicine
  162. Journal of Social Inclusion
  163. Journal of Social Studies Education Research
  164. Journal of the LUCAS Graduate Conference
  165. Journal of Threatened Taxa
  166. Journal of World-Historical Information
  167. Koedoe: African Protected Area Conservation and Science
  168. Kronos
  169. Kyiv-Mohyla Humanities Journal
  170. Law, Crime & History
  171. Legon Journal of the Humanities
  172. Libertarian Papers
  173. Limina: A Journal of Historical and Cultural Studies
  174. Mamlūk Studies Review
  175. Marine Biodiversity Records
  176. Marvell Studies
  177. Mashriq & Mahjar
  178. Materials
  179. Medicines
  180. Medieval Worlds
  181. Meno Istorija ir Kritika
  182. Messages, Sages and Ages
  183. Metaphysics
  184. Mizoram University Journal of Humanities & Social Sciences
  185. Modelling the New Europe
  186. Modern Africa
  187. Musical Offerings
  188. Musicologica Austriaca
  189. Musicology Today
  190. NANO
  191. Natalia
  192. Natural History Sciences
  193. Nature Conservation
  194. Navigations
  195. Nazariyat: Journal for the History of Islamic Philosophy and Sciences
  196. Neo-Victorian Studies
  197. New Classicists
  198. New Jersey Studies: an Interdisciplinary Journal
  199. New Trends in Social and Liberal Sciences
  200. New Voices
  201. New Voices in Japanese Studies
  202. Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide
  203. NWIG
  204. OBOE
  205. On_Culture
  206. Open Archaeology
  207. Open Journal for Educational Research
  208. Open Journal for Studies in Arts
  209. Open Journal for Studies in History
  210. Open Journal for Studies in Linguistics
  211. Open Journal for Studies in Philosophy
  212. Open Library of Humanities
  213. Orbital: The Electronic Journal of Chemistry
  214. Pad
  215. Panorama
  216. Papers from the Institute of Archaeology
  217. Peregrinations
  218. Periodica Polytechnica Architecture
  219. Perspectives in Ecology and Conservation
  220. Philippine Social Science Journal
  221. Provenance : The Journal of Public Record Office Victoria
  222. Public History Review
  223. Quarterly Horse
  224. Quaternary Science Advances
  225. Quest. Issues in Contemporary Jewish History
  226. Radical Americas
  227. Redescriptions
  228. Refract
  229. Res Medica
  230. Research in Film and History
  231. Research in Urbanism Series
  232. Research on Finnish Society
  233. Resolution & Discovery
  234. Review of European and Russian Affairs
  235. Review of Historical Geography and Toponomastics
  236. Reviews in History
  237. Revista Română pentru Studii Baltice şi Nordice
  238. Roman Legal Tradition
  239. Romanian Journal of Historical Studies
  240. Romanian Journal of History and International Studies
  241. Romantik
  242. Rupkatha Journal on Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities
  243. Rural Landscapes: Society Environment History
  244. SAGE Open
  245. Sanglap: Journal of Literary and Cultural Inquiry
  246. Scandinavian Journal of Disability Research
  247. Scandinavian Journal of Military Studies
  248. Scanning
  249. Science and Technology of Archaeological Research
  250. Science Museum Group Journal
  251. Scientonomy
  252. Scrinium
  253. Serendipities. Journal for the Sociology and History of the Social Sciences
  254. Shedet
  255. Sibirica
  256. Social Science Spectrum
  257. Social Sciences and Humanities Open
  258. Societate şi Politică
  259. Sociologica
  260. SOTL in the South
  261. Southern Spaces
  262. SPAFA Journal
  263. St Anne’s Academic Review
  264. Studi Slavistici
  265. Studia Historiae Oeconomicae
  266. Studia Medyczne
  267. Studia Orientalia Electronica
  268. Studies in Arts and Humanities
  269. Studies in Digital Heritage
  270. Studies in History and Theory of Architecture
  271. Studies in Logic, Grammar and Rhetoric
  272. Substantia
  273. Sunan Kalijaga: International Journal of Islamic Civilization
  274. Tate Papers
  275. The Journal of Classics Teaching
  276. The Journal of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh
  277. The Journal of the Rutgers University Library
  278. The Journal of the Sylvia Townsend Warner Society
  279. The London Journal of Canadian Studies
  280. The Programming Historian
  281. The Qualitative Report
  282. Theoretical Roman Archaeology Journal
  283. transLogos: Translation Studies Journal
  284. Transversal: International Journal for the Historiography of Science
  285. University of Bologna Law Review
  286. USAbroad
  287. VIEW Journal of European Television History and Culture
  288. Virtual Economics
  289. Web Ecology
  290. Wildfowl
  291. Yesterday&Today
  292. Yupa: Historical Studies Journal

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