Free Open Access Journals in English

  1. 3L Language, Linguistics and Literature: The Southeast Asian Journal of English Language Studies
  2. Advances in Language and Literary Studies
  3. American Studies Journal
  4. Angles
  5. Anglica. An International Journal of English Studies
  6. Applied Research on English Language
  7. Arab World English Journal
  8. Asian Journal of English Language Studies (AJELS)
  9. Atlantis
  10. BC TEAL Journal
  11. British and American Studies
  12. Celt: A Journal of Culture, English Language Teaching & Literature
  13. CLELEjournal
  14. Composition Forum
  15. Daath Voyage: An International Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies in English
  16. Dialogues: An Interdisciplinary Journal of English Language Teaching and Research
  17. Edukasi: Jurnal Pendidikan dan Pengajaran
  18. Edulite: Journal of English Education, Literature, and Culture
  19. ELOPE
  20. ELT Echo: The Journal of English Language Teaching in Foreign Language Context
  21. ELT Forum: Journal of English Language Teaching
  22. Eltin Journal
  23. English Community Journal
  24. English Education Journal
  25. English Education Journal: Jurnal Pengembangan Pendidikan dan Pengembangan Pengajaran Bahasa
  26. English Franca: Academic Journal of English Language and Education
  27. English Language Teaching Educational Journal
  28. English Review: Journal of English Education
  29. English Studies at NBU
  30. Englisia
  31. EnJourMe
  32. ES Review
  33. ESP Today
  34. Eternal (English, Teaching, Learning & Research Journal)
  35. Ethical Lingua: Journal of Language Teaching and Literature
  36. ExELL (Explorations in English Language and Linguistics)
  37. Getsempena English Education Journal
  38. HOW
  39. ICAME Journal
  40. IJEE (Indonesian Journal of English Education)
  41. IJET (Indonesian Journal of English Teaching)
  42. Indonesian EFL Journal
  43. Indonesian TESOL Journal
  44. International Journal of Applied Linguistics and English Literature
  45. International Journal of English Language and Translation Studies
  46. International Journal of English Studies (IJES)
  47. International Journal of TESOL Studies
  48. International Review of Scottish Studies
  49. Issues in Language Teaching
  50. James Joyce Online Notes
  51. JEELS (Journal of English Education and Linguistics Studies)
  52. JEES (Journal of English Educators Society)
  53. JEET, Journal of English Education and Technology
  54. Journal of Applied Linguistics
  55. Journal of Applied Linguistics and Literature
  56. Journal of British and Irish Innovative Poetry
  57. Journal of ELT Research
  58. Journal of English Education and Teaching
  59. Journal of English Language Pedagogy and Practice
  60. Journal of English Studies
  61. Journal of Language Horizons
  62. Journal of Modern Research in English Language Studies
  63. Journal of Studies in Learning and Teaching English
  64. Journal of Tolkien Research
  65. Journal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering (English ed. Online)
  66. Journal of Writing Research
  67. Journal on English as a Foreign Language
  68. Jurnal Of English Language And Education
  69. Jurnal Smart
  70. K@ta: A Biannual Publication on the Study of Language and Literature
  71. Language Value
  72. Linguistic, English Education and Art (LEEA) Journal
  73. Marvell Studies
  74. Metathesis: Journal of English Language, Literature, and Teaching
  75. Multicultural Shakespeare
  76. Nefrología (English Edition)
  77. Neurología (English Edition)
  78. New Horizons in English Studies
  79. NJES: Nordic Journal of English studies
  80. Polish Journal of English Studies
  81. Prague Journal of English Studies
  82. Premise Journal
  83. Profile Issues in Teachers’ Professional Development
  84. RATE Issues
  85. Register Journal
  86. Research in English Language Pedagogy
  87. Revista Alicantina de Estudios Ingleses
  88. Revista de Gastroenterología de México (English Edition)
  89. Revista Portuguesa de Cardiologia (English Edition)
  90. Revista Portuguesa de Pneumologia (English Edition)
  91. Romanian Journal of English Studies
  92. RoundTable
  93. Script Journal
  94. Southeast Asian Review of English
  95. Studia Anglica Posnaniensia
  96. Studies in Applied Linguistics & TESOL
  97. Tell-us Journal
  98. The International Journal of James Bond Studies
  99. The Journal of the Sylvia Townsend Warner Society
  100. The Reading Matrix : an International Online Journal
  101. Token: A Journal of English Linguistics
  102. Turkish Online Journal of English Language Teaching
  103. Vision: Journal of Language and Foreign Language Learning
  104. Working Papers in Applied Linguistics and TESOL

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