025.0 Image digitisation

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025.0 Image digitisation

025.0 Bibliography on Digital Watermarking Searchable set of citations relating to digital image watermarking. Offers details of title, series, publisher, keywords, and online address for each entry where available. Browsable in BibTex or HTML format.

025.0 Building Digital Collections: Technical Information and Background Papers Provides an insight into the digitisation process, covering technical procedures such as conversion, scanning, text mark-up, repository development, web interface design, workflow and production, and rights and restrictions.

025.0 Cost of Digital Image Distribution: The Social and Economic Implications of the Production, Distribution, and Usage of Image Data 1998 report examining the costs and benefits of distributing digital images to the US university community. It considers the processes and costs of analogue slide libraries, and compares analogue and digital distribution systems. Also considers intangible factors that can lead to the success or failure of digital distribution schemes, such as learning curve, ease or difficulty of maintenance, and faculty attitudes towards teaching with digital images.

025.0 Development of Functions to Prevent Secondary Use of Digitized Materials for Digital Libraries Conference paper discussing copyright violation of digital libraries. Considers factors required by copyright holders, users, the private information service industry and library operators, technical issues and methods for inhibiting redistribution of material.

025.0 Digital Image Quality: From Conversion to Presentation and Beyond Paper discussing the creation of high quality digital images in a cost-effective manner.

025.84 Digital Preservation Coalition – The Handbook Handbook providing an internationally authoritative and practical guide to the subject of managing digital resources over time, and the issues in sustaining access to them. The Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) is a collaborative organisation encompassing bodies such as the British Library, the Joint Information Systems Committee and the National Library of Australia aiming to secure the preservation of digital resources in the UK, and to promote related standards on a global scale.

025.0 Digitising History: A Guide to Creating Digital Resources from Historical Documents Guide to the computerisation of historical source documents, which focuses on the creation of tabular data which can be used in databases, spreadsheets or statistics packages. Includes a glossary and bibliography.

025.0 Five Colleges Archives Digital Access Project Project to develop digitised versions of the archival records and manuscript collections from five western Massachusetts colleges, relating primarily to women’s history and education. Browse or search by college or keyword.

025.0 HEDS Papers on Digitisation Collection of conference papers addressing aspects of digitisation in higher education. Covers topics such as copyright, project planning, management issues, and costs. Material is presented as a series of PDF files.

025.0 HEDS: Higher Education Digitisation Service Provides services to support the conversion of high volumes of teaching, learning, and scholarly materials from paper and other formats into electronic media. Offers experience and skills in a range of areas including rare book handling and preservation, alongside technical issues surrounding digitisation and information access.

025.0 It’s About Time: Research Challenges in Digital Archiving and Long-term Preservation Final report of the workshop on research challenges in digital archiving and long-term preservation, April 12-13, 2002

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