025.3 Cataloguing of Internet and multimedia resources

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025.3 Cataloguing of Internet and multimedia resources

025.3 Aristotle: Automated Categorization of Web Resources A clearinghouse of projects, research projects and services that are investigating or which demonstrate the automated categorisation, classification, or organisation of Web resources. A working bibliography of key and significant reports, papers, and articles is also provided. Projects and associated publications have been arranged by the name of the university, corporation, or other organisation with which the principal investigator of a project is affiliated.

025.344 Beyond Bookmarks: Schemes for Organizing the Web Index of sites who are employing various classification schemes, or controlled vocabularies, to describe Internet resources. Arranged by type of classification scheme.

025.344 BIBLINK Collaborative project between the national libraries of Europe and publishers of electronic material to devise authoritative ways of describing electronic publications for catalogues and other listings. Includes a study of metadata and the transmission of data between publishers and libraries. Funded under the European Commission’s Telematics Applications Project.

025.3 Cataloging and Indexing Pointers to a collection of software tools, reports and guidelines developed by DESIRE to aid Internet resource discovery, intended for anyone interested in creating a strategy for Internet cataloguing and indexing.

025.344 Cataloguing and Indexing of Electronic Resources Directory of articles, bibliographies, periodicals and mailing lists dealing with cataloguing of the Internet.

025.3 Cataloguing and Metadata Resources Collection of links to resources supporting cataloguing efforts, including aids and tools like a Cataloguing Terminology Glossary, standards such as MARC, and approaches to organising Internet resources using metadata like Dublin Core.

025.344 Cataloguing Internet Resources: A Manual and Practical Guide Guide developed to aid those participating in the OCLC and US Department of Education funded project ‘Building a Catalog of Internet Resources’. Examples and guidelines are coded and tagged as needed for OCLC input.

025.344 Cataloguing the Hybrid Library A series of presentations delivered at the Cataloguing and Indexing Group in Scotland (CIGS) seminar, September 2001, available in PowerPoint or PDF format. ‘Cataloguing the Hybrid Library’ is the main theme with topics such as cataloguing of serials, issues of long term access to electronic materials, granularity, and collection descriptions among the more specific areas addressed.

025.344 Guidelines for the Use of Field 856 Guidelines prepared by the Network Development and MARC Standards Office. Revised August 1997.

025.344 Organizing Internet Resources: Traditional Cataloging Approach Descriptions of over 40 resources relevant to cataloguing Internet resources, including cataloguing tools, USMARC proposals and discussion papers.

025.344 Proceedings of the OCLC Internet Cataloging Colloquium 1996 The OCLC Internet Cataloging project coordinates a worldwide volunteer effort to identify, select, and catalogue Internet resources. Position papers and field reports from a meeting in 1996.

025.3432 Quick Tour: Serials Management

025.344 Role of Classification Schemes in Internet Resource Description and Discovery Project funded under DESIRE to study classification schemes currently being used to describe Internet resources. Covers major schemes such as DDC, UDC and LCC, international subject specific schemes such as NLM, and some national general schemes.

025.344 Selection Criteria for Quality Controlled Information Gateways Project examining quality control of Internet resources focusing on major subject gateways. Also describes methods and tools that have been created to assist staff in the maintenance of quality control.

025.3432 Serials Management Guide

025.344 SICI: Serial Item and Contribution Identifier Standard The SICI standard provides an extensible mechanism for the unique identification of either an issue of a serial title or a contribution, for example an article, contained within a serial, regardless of the distribution medium whether paper, electronic or microform.

025.344 Unique Identifiers in a Digital World Article describing initiatives to develop unique identifiers for digital objects. Based on a seminar organised jointly by Book Industry Communication and the UK Office for Library and Information Networking. Briefly describes Digital Object Identifier (DOI), Serial Item and Contribution Identifier (SICI), Book Item and Component Identifier (BICI), and Publisher Item Identifier (PII). Also summarises results of group reports and a plenary discussion.

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