025.4 Subject analysis and control

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025.4 Subject analysis and control

025.4 BSO – Broad System of Ordering: a Systematic Overview of Knowledge A modern machine-held classification system embracing all fields of knowledge consisting of a compilation of around 6800 terms, arranged in an order which is systematic or structured at the level of meaning. Provides broad sector descriptions, a more detailed outline, and a full detail excerpt.

025.433 Cataloging Policy and Support Office Provides resources to aid biliographic control and includes aspects of cataloging tools and documentation, library of congress classification, and cataloging policy papers and reports.

025.4 Do The Dewey! Offers a short quiz based on the Dewey Decimal Classification system. Tests users on their ability to select the correct Dewey numbers for given subjects.

025.4 Do We Really Know Dewey Introduction to the Dewey Decimal classification scheme with information about its deviser Melvil Dewey, shelving procedures, call numbers, the drop-back theory, and the differences between fiction and non-fiction, and between natural and applied science.

025.4 Human Creation of Abstracts with Selected Computer Assistance Tools After introductory training, a research assistant used the TEXNET abstracting assistance software to create abstracts to articles available via the World Wide Web. The assistant also compiled introductory documentation, including a guide to abstracting using computer assistance tools. The article discusses problems encountered, tools selected for preferred use, and implications for future software development.

025.433 Outline of the Library of Congress Classification The authoritative source for LC Classification, showing the 21 broad classes of LCC, the breakdown of subclasses, and the latest additions and changes to the classification scheme.

025.4 PACS: Physics and Astronomy Classification Scheme Scheme designed to classify and categorise the literature of physics and astronomy for materials such as journal subject indexes, catalogues, computerised databases, online journals, CD-ROM versions of journals, and any other collection of physics and astronomy resources. PACS is arranged hierarchically, by subdivision to four levels.

025.4 UDC Consortium Offers an overview of the Universal Decimal Classification (UDC) system, a listing of extensions and corrections to the published version, news about the scheme, and details of UDC publications. Also offers information on the master reference file which lists 60,000 standard subdivisions.

025.4 University Science and Technology Librarians Group Information about an informal group for academic librarians involved with engineering, science or technology in the UK.

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