025.524 Information search and retrieval

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025.524 Information search and retrieval

025.524 Context-Dependent Information Filtering Article discussing the notion that different people use different terms or phrases to access the same information. An approach is presented which recognises that one concept may be represented by several different terms, many concepts may be represented by a single term, and that concepts may overlap.

025.524 Guidelines for Indexes and Related Information Retrieval Devices Provides guidelines for the content, organisation, and presentation of indexes used for the retrieval of parts of, and entire, documents. It deals with the principles of indexing, regardless of the type of material, the method used (intellectual analysis, machine algorithm, or both), the medium of the index, or the method of presentation for searching. It emphasises three processes essential for all indexes; comprehensive design, vocabulary management, and the provision of syntax. Definitions of indexes are included, together with recommendations regarding their design. Available in PDF only.

025.524 Information Retrieval Full text book on information retrieval, related concepts, and system design. Chapters are offered in PDF and html formats.

025.524 Information Retrieval Using Conceptual Index Term For Technical Paper on Digital Library An article describing a semantic information retrieval system using concepts as opposed to keywords or phrases. Describes methods by which word and concept distribution is determined.

025.524 Multimedia Document Retrieval Technique in Digital Libraries Article describing Korean document retrieval techniques and assessing a novel approach for retrieving SGML / HyTime documents from large document databases.

020 Searcher: Magazine for Database Professionals A publication that explores and deliberates on a comprehensive range of issues important to the professional database searcher. Searcher includes online news, searching tips and techniques, reviews of searchaid software and database documentation, and interviews with leaders and entrepreneurs of the industry.

025.524 Tefko Saracevic: Selected Articles Articles by Tefko Saracevic, Professor at the School of Communication, Information and Library Studies at Rutgers. Articles cover a range of topics including education, evaluation, research, and practice in the area of digital libraries, as well as feedback, interactivity, modelling, and relevance in information retrieval. Articles are available in Word or PDF format.

025.524 TREC: Text REtrieval Conference Web resource about the TREC conference series which aims to provide the infrastructure necessary for large-scale evaluation of information retrieval methodologies. Includes proceedings of each conference in PS or PDF formats and a comprehensive data section to enable organisations to evaluate their own retrieval systems at any time. Sections for active participants and past results require a password which can be obtained by emailing the program manager.

025.524 Visual User Interface for Document Retrieval Utilizing Spatial Relationships among Document Vectors Details of a study into the relevancy of information retrieval using a visual user interface as opposed to the more common keyword interface. Spatial relationships between documents are plotted on a matrix, enabling the relevancy amongst papers to be assessed, using information based on the distance between points and the direction of connecting axes.

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