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025.0 Digital libraries: general resources

025.0 Berkeley Digital Library: SunSITE The Berkeley Digital Library SunSITE builds digital collections and services while providing information and support to digital library developers worldwide.

025.0 Beyond the Beginning: The Global Digital Library Proceedings of a UK conference on digital libraries held in June 1997. Includes material on the world of digital information, research and development programmes, changing relationships between information, education and learning, measurement of activities in the information field, progress in using metadata, developments in enforcing user authentication, and intellectual property issues.

025.0 Digital Libraries and Special Libraries: Initial Concerns of Special Libraries in the Social Welfare Sector Report from a project investigating the impact of digital libraries and the Internet on special libraries. The project also addressed the extent to which practitioners working in local government or voluntary social service agencies are being prevented from accessing digital library developments through lack of access to the UK Higher Education network, the digital resources academic libraries provide themselves and various collaborative schemes which offer access to digital resources across the academic network as a whole.

025.0 Digital Libraries, Knowledge Networks, and Human-Centered Information Systems Paper discussing the role of digital libraries and knowledge networks in the growth of the computing and communications industries. It considers the issue in the context of human centred information systems.

025.0 Digital Library Federation Information about developing digital collections and managing networked information for the benefit of scholarship, education, and cultural progress. With forum, newsletter, and articles.

025.0 Digital Library Information and Resources A personal selection of resources, publications and projects relating to digital library research.

025.0 Digital Library Tool Kit Articles addressing issues involved in developing digital content and distributing it on the Web. Covers planning and implementation, resources, current research, existing digital library systems, and future developments.

025.0 Digital Preservation Coalition A collaborative organisation which aims to secure the preservation of digital resources in the UK, and to promote related standards on a global scale. Provides access to a practical guide covering the management of digital resources over time and sustaining access to them. Also offers a quarterly publication jointly operated by the coalition and the Preserving Access to Digital Information (PADI) Gateway informing the community of recent developments.

025.0 Digital Strategy for the Library of Congress Report from July 2000 urging the library to define policies for the collection of Web resources created in the US, so as to uphold its mission, and to form a high-level planning group to develop digital preservation strategies. Chapter titles include Preserving a Digital Heritage, The Library of Congress and the World Beyond Its Walls, and Information Technology Infrastructure.

025.0 D-Lib Edu: Resources for Education in Digital Libraries Digital libraries deal with human knowledge records in electronic forms and networked environments. Computers are very effective with well-defined problems. Dealing with human knowledge records is not a well-defined problem. Thus, digital libraries present a formidable set of problems for research to establish an effective alliance between modern technology and use of libraries containing modern human knowledge records.

025.0 Do Libraries Really Need Books? Article looking at changing information needs in today’s society and the prevalence of digital information. The value of the book is assessed, considering the current activity of libraries and librarians, with examples of those continuing to increase their stock of printed material as well as the emergence of the ‘new library’ which largely focuses on electronic media.

025.0 Framework for Digital Library Research Article outlining a proposed model for the development of digital library research. Covers a number of themes such as accessibility, user support, requirements and behaviour, structural issues, navigation and search tools, metadata, information retrieval, interface design, functionality, security, and sustainability.

025.0 Framework of Guidance for Building Good Digital Collections 2004 edition of NISO’s guidelines, which provide an overview of some of the major components and activities involved in creating good digital collections, as well as a framework for identifying, organising, and applying existing knowledge and resources to support the development of sound local practices for creating and managing good digital collections. Available in PDF and HTML formats.

025.0 Information Online and On Disc 99: Strategies for the Next Millennium Proceedings of the Ninth Australasian Information Online and On Disc Conference and Exhibition, held in Sydney Australia, January 1999. Many of the papers reflect the challenges of managing information. Issues include access and rights, sustaining sites, improving access via gateways, verification and authentication, search engines and directories, integration with existing library information systems, and using the technology of the Internet in tasks such as serving remote library users.

025.524 Institutional Portals: A Review of Outputs Report prepared by the JISC funded PORTAL (Presenting natiOnal Resources To Audiences Locally) project reviewing institutional portals, recent and forthcoming developments, and the outputs from a number of portal activities. Report investigates the motivation behind the wide deployment of portal technologies in University libraries and the commercial sector, whilst also detailing the outputs of current institutional portals and parallel developments. Available in PDF only.

025.02 Internet, Interoperability and Standards Filling the Gaps The main focus of standardisation in the library arena has moved from that of supporting efficiency to allowing library users to access external resources and facilitating remote access to library resources. The potential of full interoperability in the field is examined along with its likely impact. Some of the gaps in current standards are examined, with a focus on information retrieval.

025.0 Layered Data View for Searching, Browsing, and Presenting Scholarly Documents Paper discussing suitable text formats for searching, browsing, and presenting scholarly documents as a digital library service. Printed document sources and electronic text are considered.

021.6 Libraries and the Internet: Electronic Text Collection Collection of texts relevant to the subject of libraries facing the challenge of networked information. Contributions in English, German and Nordic languages.

025.0 National Digital Library for Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology Education Article discussing the potential for a US national digital library for science, mathematics, engineering, and technology education.

025.0 Paper Persists: Why Physical Library Collections Still Matter Discussion about the unlikely death of print pointing to reasons why paper will persist including the difficulty of reading from digital devices, the enormous task of converting all existing print collections, the cost of providing all reading material digitally and the question of publishers rights.

025.0 Realizing the Hybrid Library Article outlining a number of eLib projects which are investigating ways in which the concept of the hybrid library can be implemented. It discusses each of these projects in turn, and looks at the key technological and managerial issues emerging from these projects.

025.0 Selecting Research Collections for Digitisation Report proposing a procedure for assessing the suitability of research collections to undergo digitisation. Addresses issues such as intellectual ownership and physical nature of the source materials, number of current users, format, resource description, archiving, and delivery. Also discusses the relationship of the project to other digitisation activities, and weighs up associated costs against potential benefits.

025.0 Technical Aspects of Next Generation Digital Library Project Conference paper (1997) discussing the technical features required for the development of a digital library. These include appropriate system architecture, individual technologies such as search and retrieval technology, and an integration technology.

025.0 Towards a General Theory of the Digital Library Article covering various aspects of digital libraries including definition and theory, characteristics, funding, authority, censorship and libraries as publishers. The implications of digital libraries for culture, learning, democracy, commerce, jobs and society are discussed.

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