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020 Library and information science: general resources
020 Library and information science: journals
020 Library and information science: news and discussion lists
020 Library and information studies departments worldwide
020.6 Library organisations worldwide

021 Relationship of libraries, archives, information centers (Cooperation and resource sharing)
022 Administration of the physical plant
023 Personnel administration in libraries
024 Unassigned
025 Operations of libraries, archives, information centers
025.0 Library systems and information technology in libraries
025.0 Library systems
025.0 Library systems: general resources
025.0 Library systems: journals and magazines
025.0 Library systems: projects
025.0 Library systems: societies
025.0 Library systems: suppliers
025.0 Library systems: Z39.50
025.0 Digital libraries and online services
025.0 Digital libraries: general resources
025.0 Digital libraries: national centres
025.0 Digital libraries: journals
025.0 Digital libraries: projects
025.0 Digital libraries in universities and colleges
025.0 Authentication and access management
025.0 Evaluating Internet resources and services
025.0 Image digitisation
025.0 Multilingual access to digital libraries
025.0 Pricing in digital libraries
025.0 Searching and use of digital libraries
025.04 Internet resource directories
025.1 Library administration and management
025.2 Acquisitions (AcqLink)
025.2 Acquisitions: general resources
025.2 Acquisitions: discussion lists
025.2 Acquisitions: electronic order forms
025.2 Acquisitions: journals
025.2 Acquisitions: services
025.2 Library suppliers
025.2 Censorship
025.2 News
025.3 Bibliographic analysis and control
025.3 Bibliographic analysis and control: general resources
025.3 Cataloguing of Internet and multimedia resources
025.3 Indexing
025.3 Metadata standards and research
025.3 Online public access catalogues
025.4 Subject analysis and control
025.5 Services to library users
025.5 Services to library users: general resources
025.5 Services to library users: journals and magazines
025.5 Services to library users: CD-ROM user guides
025.524 Information search and retrieval
025.6 Circulation services (including document delivery and ILL)
025.8 Maintenance and preservation of collections

026 Libraries, archives, information centers devoted to specific disciplines and subjects
027 General libraries, archives, information centers
027.0 Libraries around the world
027.4 Public libraries
027.5 National and government libraries
027.7 University and college libraries
027.7 University and college libraries: general resources
027.7 University and college libraries: journals
027.8 School libraries

028 Reading and use of other information media
029 Unassigned
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