025.04 Internet resource directories

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025.04 Internet resource directories

025.0 Academic Info Subject based directory of Internet resources of particular interest to students, teachers, and researchers. Entries are accompanied by a brief abstract. Topics range from African American history, law, religion, Renaissance studies and the sciences. There is a more extensive selection of US history resources.

025.04 Argus Clearinghouse Provides a central access point for value-added topical guides which identify, describe and evaluate Internet resources. Material is grouped according to subject area.

025.04 British Bookmarks Collection of annotated links to British Web resources divided into 500 categories. Both commercial and non-commercial material is included.

025.04 CyberDewey: A Catalogue for the World Wide Web Collection of Internet resources arranged using the Dewey Decimal Classification system. An alphabetical index is also provided.

025.04 Directory of Scholarly and Professional E-Conferences Directory of electronic conferences (discussion lists, Internet interest groups, journals, Usenet groups etc) on topics of interest to scholars.

025.04 Dogpile Metasearch engine indexing Web resources which cover a wide range of subject areas including entertainment, shopping, computing, travel, library material, and personal information relating to home and garden, real estate, and finance.

025.04 DutchESS: Dutch Electronic Subject Service An index of Internet resources organised by subject, selected according to quality and relevance for the academic community: students and academic researchers. The resources are classified according to the Nederlandse Basisclassificatie (Dutch Basic classification). Resources can be located by browsing the basic classification subject tree or using the simple or advanced searches.

025.04 EnrichUK Gateway to 150 UK-lottery funded sites supported by the New Opportunities Fund (NOF). Collections range across culture, history, social and economic development, science and art, as well as offering regional and national ‘sense of place’ websites from England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

025.04 Google Search: Uncle Sam Search engine designed to retrieve United States federal, state, and local government maintained Web pages.

025.04 Infomine A virtual library providing organized access to university level research and educational tools on the Internet. Most major areas are covered.

025.04 Invisible Web Directory Listing of annotated links rarely identified by common search engines. Organised into categories and sub categories, entries are accessible via a drop down menu. Topics covered include art and architecture, education, health and medical information, real time information, reference, science, and transportation. This resource accompanies a print publication of the same name.

025.04 Ixquick Metasearch Cross searching facility which locates Web material, news, MP3 files, and pictures in a range of languages including English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish, as specified.

025.04 Kartoo A meta-search engine offering a relational search interface. Displays search results in a graphical and networked format. Nodes are linked to each other by common terms which can be added or removed to refine searches graphically. Links between nodes are colour coded allowing users to identify how terms relate to different resources. Nodes are also displayed by size, according to their relevance to the search term.

025.04 Librarians’ Index to the Internet Searchable annotated subject directory of more than 4000 Internet resources selected and evaluated by librarians. Subject headings include distance learning, food, safety, religion and environment.

025.04 Lifestyle UK based Internet directory which lists links alphabetically under categories including money, community, news, health, computing, travel and women.

025.04 MetaEureka Meta search engine which returns links to Web resources, newsgroups, MP3 files, music, encyclopaedias, books, and jokes, as indexed by AltaVista, AOL, Dmoz, Excite, Fast, Google, NorthernLight, and Snap.

025.04 MetaPlus An extensive index of directories, plus direct links to major web sites across 40 categories, including business, investment, and all aspects of media.

025.04 Michigan Electronic Library Index to Internet resources aimed at public libraries and schools. Links are arranged into subject areas including Business, Economics and Labour, Libraries and Information, Science, Education, Health Information, and The Internet and Computers.

025.04 MIG: Moving Image Gateway Searchable annotated index of Internet resources that relate to moving images and sound, and their use in higher and further education. Users can also browse entries which are classified by academic discipline.

025.04 Once Upon A BUBL PowerPoint slideshow illustrating what the BUBL Information Service looked like in 1992. This was before the Gopher and Web services were launched and the system was based on a simple directory structure.

025.04 Open Directory Project Searchable catalogue of Internet resources covering all subject areas. Users are able to submit URLs for inclusion and update those which are no longer accessible.

025.04 RDN: Resource Discovery Network Cooperative network of subject gateways facilitating browse and search access to descriptions of Internet resources selected by subject specialists in the UK academic community. Incorporates the BIOME, EMC, SOSIG, HUMBUL and PSIgate hubs.

025.04 SiteReleases.com Publicises recently released Web resources. Entries are browsable by category and an email newsletter is offered free of charge.

025.04 Wales on the Web Cymru ar y We as it is known is Welsh, is a searchable gateway to Internet resources providing information about Wales. Covers all subject areas, presenting material hierarchically by topic via an alphabetical subject listing, and using the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) System. Users are invited to submit ideas for inclusion.

025.04 WWW Virtual Library Vast distributed subject catalogue of resources on the World Wide Web.

025.04 Yahoo UK and Ireland Comprehensive catalogue of worldwide Internet resources, browsable and searchable.

025.04 Yakeo Directory of search engines encompassing those in operation throughout Europe, America, and Asia.

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