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General Resources

027.5 Canada: Role of the National Archives of Canada and the National Library of Canada Report examining the role of the National Archives and Library of Canada in the next century. Considers their contribution in relation to collections / acquisitions, access, preservation, information management issues, organisational structure and leadership.

027.5 United Kingdom: British Library: Cooperation Outlines the British Library’s cooperative activities including work with the regions and public libraries, the Laser Foundation, Full Disclosure, NEWSPLAN, the National Forum for Information Planning (NFIP), and reports from the former Cooperation and Partnership Programme.

027.5 European Commission: Libraries Information about European Commission libraries and documentation centres, with details of the Commission’s Central Library, ECLAS – the libraries’ union catalogue database, and EUROLIB – a European Community library cooperation group.

027.5 United Kingdom: British Library’s Twenty-Ninth Annual Report and Account Presents the annual report of the British Library for 2001-02. Outlines the Library’s performance and notable achievements during the year, and includes performance statistics, information on the organisational structure, and Board accounts. Also features seven case studies illustrating the use of the library collections. Report is offered as a series of PDF files, with some sections also available in HTML.

National libraries of each country

027.5 Andorra: Biblioteca Nacional D’Andorra: National Library of Andorra Historical information about the country’s national library, first opened in 1930. Describes functions and services currently offered, lists contents of consultation rooms, and gives opening hours. Available in French and English.

027.5 Argentina: Biblioteca Nacional de la Republica Argentina: National Library of Argentina Institution responsible for maintaining bibliographical sources, periodicals, maps, and sound and video materials, and also for promoting national culture. Offers a multimedia area with Argentine music resources, an online catalogue, and details of services. Information is given in English and Spanish.

027.5 Australia: National Library of Australia Information on the library and its services, access to Internet resources, government information, Australian libraries and Australian journals online.

027.5 Austria: Osterreichische Nationalbibliothek: National Library of Austria Offers details of publications, library access and opening times, and services available at the Austrian National Library. Information is given in German and English.

027.5 Belarus: National Library of Belarus More than 7.3 million items in over 50 languages and dating from 1715. Official depository of the Republic of Belarus, the United Nations (with an emphasis on UNESCO materials) and the former Soviet Union.

027.5 Belgium: Koninklijke Bibliotheek van Belgie: National Library of Belgium An overview of the library, with details of special collections and an online catalogue.

027.5 027.5 Canada: National Library of Canada The NLC gathers, makes known, preserves and promotes Canada’s published heritage, and offers access to many information services provided by the library and to other sources of Canadian information.

027.5 027.5 Canada: Library and Archives Canada Information on the National Library of Canada including services and collections.

027.5 China: Information and services.

027.5 Cuba: José Martí National Library Services, collections, and exhibits. Havana.

027.5 Czech: National Library of the Czech Republic The largest and one of the oldest public libraries in the country, its collections number some six million items dating from the eleventh century, and include part of the personal library of Tycho de Brahe and the Mozartiana (Mozart’s Memorial). Facilities are available to adult citizens, government agencies, and international library organizations. Official information on the Czech Republic’s national library, located in Prague. Outlines professional and publishing activities, projects and programmes, and the ‘Slavonic Library’ which provides public access to a collection of world Slavistic literature. The English version can be reach at Czech Republic National Library (http://www.nkp.cz/_en/index.php3)

Denmark: Det Kongelige Bibliotek: Royal Library of Denmark The Royal Library at Copenhagen. Information, services, and catalog. It hosts an online catalogue, a selection of links to electronic resources, a calendar of cultural events, and provides a general overview of services. English version can be reach at Denmark (http://www.kb.dk/index-en.htm)

027.5 Egypt: National Agricultural Library. Catalog, services, and collection information.

027.5 Estonia: Provides general information, services, etc

027.5 Faroe Islands: National Library Information about the library and its services with links to world news, reference works, and resources in the fields of theology, science, social science, law, geography, business, technology, music, and sport. Information is primarily in Faroese.

027.5 Finland: Helsinki University Library National Library of Finland

027.5 France, National Library: Bibliotheque nationale de France Offers an online catalogue, description of collections and a virtual tour, including illuminations from the Manuscripts department. Some information in English. The english version can be reach at France (http://www.bnf.fr/site_bnf_eng/index.html)

027.5 Germany, National Library: Die Deutsche Bibliothek Offers an online catalogue, description of collections, opening times, a photo tour and other online services. Some information in English.

027.5 Germany: German National Library of Medicine – Cologne (http://www.zbmed.de/indexengl.html) The principal specialized library for medicine in the Federal Republic of Germany.

027.5 Hungary: National Szechenyi Library

027.5 India: National Library of India Located in Kolkata, the library is designated to collect, disseminate and preserve the printed material produced in the country.

027.5 India: Central Reference Library Produced Indian National Bibliography, Index Indiana

027.5 Iran: National Library of Iran Provides information about collection, servicces, etc.

027.5 Ireland: National Library of Ireland Offers a brief library history, description of collections, details of reader services, opening hours, events and publications. Most information is in English, some in Irish.

027.5 Israel: Jewish National and University Library Jewish National and University Library

027.5 Italy: Biblioteca nazionale centrale di Roma

027.5 National Library of Jamaica Presents details of Jamaica’s national information system, a catalogue of Web resources, and an outline of ASK, the Agricultural Service of Knowledge.

027.5 Japan: National Diet Library

027.5 Lietuvos Martyno Mazvydo Nacionaline Biblioteka: National Library of Lithuania Provides access to catalogues and databases, library news, and collection and service information.

027.5 Lithuania: Lithuanian Research Library Consortium Promotes activities on the implementation of innovative projects in the libraries, subscription to electronic databases for Consortium members and other libraries in Lithuania.

027.5 Macedonia: National and University Library

027.5 Malaysia, National Library: Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia Malaysian national library, providing information services to assist Malaysia’s aim of becoming an industrialised and developed nation by the year 2020.

027.5 Malta: National Library information and collections.

027.5 Nepal: Kaiser Library, Nepal: The Kaiser Library has more than fifty thousand books, documents, periodicals and manuscripts. This Library is richest in the collection of rare books, manuscripts, paintings, photographs, animals’ heads, etc.

027.5 Nepal: Nepal National Library: Established by His Majesty’s government in 1957

027.5 Netherlands, National Library: Koninklijke Bibliotheek Offers an online catalogue, description of collections, library expert centre and details of the bicentennial (1798-1998) of the National Library of the Netherlands. English version is available at Netherlands (http://www.kb.nl/index-en.html)

027.5 New Zealand, National Library: Te Puna Offers an online catalogue, the New Zealand National Bibliography, and publicly available databases such as the Ranfurly Collection, and a Maori thesaurus – He Puna Kupu Maori.

027.5 New Zealand: National Library of New Zealand. Services, collections, and exhibits. Also available in Maori

027.5 Norway, National Library: Nasjonalbiblioteket Offers documentation on Norway, its people, and society, in addition to fulfilling national developmental and preservation responsibilities.

027.5 Poland, National Library:

027.5 Portugal, National Library: Biblioteca Nacional Offers details of the Portuguese Biblioteca Nacional, publications, library access and opening times, and services available.

027.5 Russia: The Russian State Library Located in Moscow, containing more than 40 million items. Collections, resources, news, research, administration and staff.

027.5 Russia: National Library of Russia Provides access to catalogs, indexes, electronic delivery service, information about services, publications, and activities of the library. Located in Saint Petersburg.

027.5 Singapore:

027.5 Slovenia: Narodna in Univerzitetna Knjiznica: National and University Library Offers information about the national library of Slovenia, including access to the library OPAC, and details of interlibrary loan services. The English version can be reach at Slovenia (http://www.nuk.uni-lj.si/vstop.cgi?jezik=eng)

027.5 Spain: Biblioteca Nacional: National Library of Spain Offers details of the Spanish Biblioteca Nacional (BNE), publications, library access and opening times, services, international projects and resources of bibliographic interest. Information in English and Spanish.

027.5 Sri Lanka: National Library and Documentation Services Board information and catalog

South Africa: National Library of South Africa Divided into four main areas; newsroom, publications, services, and collections, South Africa’s national library offers access to the OPAC, the Index to South African Periodicals (ISAP), and details of special interest materials.

027.5 Sweden: LIBRIS: the union catalogue of Swedish libraries Free access to bibliographic services provided by the LIBRIS Department at the Royal Library (Sweden) including the LIBRIS database which represents the holdings of about 200 Swedish libraries.

027.5 Sweden:

027.5 National Library of Switzerland Information on the past, present, and future of the Swiss National Library, as well as an outline of it’s catalogues and collections. Details are provided in English, French, German, Italian, and Rumantsch.

027.5 Taiwan:

027.5 Turkey: Turkish National Library Information about publications and services provided by the National Library of Turkey. Includes access to an online catalogue, and a bibliography of articles in Turkish periodicals.

027.5 Ukraine: The Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine.

027.5 United Kingdom: The British Library Official depository of the United Kingdom and one the largest research institutions in the world. Maintains extensive collections of primary and secondary resource materials dealing with most areas of intellectual inquiry.

027.5 United Kingdom: British Library British Library Portico server. Provides access to information about all aspects of the services and collections of the UK national library.

027.5 United Kingdom: National Library of Scotland A complete list of Library catalogs and indexes, current exhibitions and a digital library. Founded over 300 years ago as the Library of the Faculty of Advocates. Now serves as a general research library of international importance and as the world’s leading repository for the printed and manuscript record of Scotland’s history and culture.

027.5 United Kingdom: National Library of Wales Established by Royal Charter in 1907 and is now one of the six largest libraries in Britain. Provides general information on the library, its departments, collections and exhibitions. All infomation available in Welsh and English.(Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru) – Books, maps, manuscripts, archives, bibliography, pictures, and photographs dealing with Welch history and culture.

027.5 United States: Library of Congress The LC aims to make its resources available and useful to the US Congress and the American people and to sustain and preserve a universal collection of knowledge and creativity for future generations. As well as information about the Library, its publications and services, online exhibits, there is access to the catalogue and to legislative, copyright and government information.

027.5 United States : National Agricultural Library Part of the United States Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research Service, the NAL serves as the nation’s chief information resource for agricultural information.

027.5 United States: National Library of Medicine Sponsored by the National Institutes of Health; offers access to consumer, patient, and physician information, including Medline.

027.5 Vatican City

Directories of National Libraries

027 National Libraries of the World Comprehensive index of national libraries around the world.

027.5 Gabriel: Europe’s National Libraries Gateway to Europe’s national libraries. Aims to improve, extend and expand the dissemination of information about and from national libraries. Includes news from Europe’s national libraries, information on collaborative projects and partnerships and also hosts a members only site for the Conference of European National Librarians (CENL).

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