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025.0 Digital libraries: projects

025.0 Agora Aims to provide an open, standards based platform for distributed, mixed-media information management as well as a framework for end-user-oriented services and an infrastructure which can be scaled up to provide the backbone for national access to distributed collections. The outcome of the project work will be a layer of software or ‘middleware’ which hides the underlying differences between resources allowing for both seamless access as well as the transparent addition of new services and resources.

025.0 Alexandria Digital Library Project The goal of this project is to develop a globally distributed geo-referenced digital library.

025.0 BUILDER: Birmingham University Integrated Library Development and Electronic Resource Project to develop a working model of the hybrid library within both a teaching and research context, seamlessly integrating access to a wide range of printed and electronic information sources, local and remote, using a Web-based interface. The model will focus on a series of six inter-related modules (user registration and induction; ordering and delivery of materials; metadata index for printed and electronic sources; teaching and learning; publication and digitisation and access gateways) which will be developed for and applied across six subject areas: history and archaeology, business, education, physics, sports science and medicine.

025.0 CAIRNS: Co-operative Academic Information Retrieval Network for Scotland Project aiming to integrate 25 Z39.50 compliant catalogues or information services of CAIRNS sites across Scotland into a functional and user-adaptive test-bed service.

025.04 Cataloguing the Internet: CATRIONA Feasibility Study Full text of a report to the British Library Research and Development Department from the CATRIONA 1 project, based at Strathclyde University Library. The study concludes that the idea of a distributed catalogue of Internet resources integrated with standard Z39.50 library system OPAC interfaces (and hence, with retrieval of information on hard copy resources) is already a practical proposition at its most basic level.

025.0 Centre for Political Song Aims to provide a continually developing collection of politically aware and representative materials, which span all areas of political persuasion and cultural representation. Location, preservation, promotion, and dissemination of ephemera in printed, recorded, visual, and in the oral traditions, is the key aim of the Centre, for the education of popular political expression worldwide.

025.0 Collections Wales RSLP-funded research project aiming to improve resource discovery and sharing, and facilitate access to research materials in and about Wales. Project outcomes will include a bilingual online inventory of research collections in Wales, a gateway providing researchers with access to other relevant physical and digital collections, Web materials and OPACs held elsewhere in the UK and overseas, and a working model of the RSLP/UKOLN Collection Level Schema. Available in Welsh and English.

025.0 Creating a Permanent Digital Archive of Local Materials Report of a project funded by the Scottish Library and Information Council (SLIC) to establish procedures for local content creation in small and medium-sized library authorities in Scotland. Addresses options for continuing the development of collections beyond the short-term project funding currently on offer, and permanent conservation of collections.

025.0 DigiCULT Study Provides details of an EU funded study which aims to help Europe’s libraries, archives, and museums to face challenges posed by technological developments within the digital age. Outlines the three main phases of the project, defined as fact finding, expert opinion, and analysis, interpretation and recommendation, along with progress to date.

025.0 Digital Libraries Initiative Introduces and describes the US Digital Libraries Initiative. Includes links to the projects at participating institutions, lists of contacts and publications.

025 Digital Libraries Initiative Phase Two Details of a range of US digital libraries research projects and applications designed to accelerate development, management, and accessibility of digital content and collections, to create new capabilities and opportunities for digital libraries to serve existing and new user communities, and to encourage the study of interactions between people and digital libraries in various social and organisational contexts.

025.5 Digital Library Projects A selection of Columbia University digital projects and initiatives.

025.0 Digital Library System at Kyoto University Paper describing a digital library system at Kyoto University, whose construction began in April 1997. Covers the key concepts of the system, content, and advanced aspects such as translation and search facilities.

025.0 DOI: Digital Object Identifier System The Digital Object Identifier (DOI) system was designed by the Association of American Publishers to provide a unique identification for digital content and a way to link users of the materials to the rights holders, and to facilitate automated digital commerce.

025.0 ELITE Project The Electronic Library, IT and staff Education Project was established to enhance service delivery for distance learners. On completion, ELITE has now resulted in an improved electronic library service which offers interactive Web pages, electronic delivery of documents, email communications, net and video conferencing, MOOs, and chat facilities for students affiliated with the University of Leicester.

025.0 Glasgow Digital Library A distributed digital library based in Glasgow which aims to produce a coherent digital learning and information environment for Glasgow’s citizens, through the development and implementation of a common collection development policy and an agreed technical and inter-working infrastructure.

025.0 Grainger Engineering Library Information Center Digital Library Research Projects Projects and search tools relating to digital library research, and resources for digital library development.

025.0 Handbook for Digital Projects: A Management Tool for Preservation and Access Full text publication outlining a rationale for digitisation and preservation. Considers issues involved in project management, the selection process of materials for scanning, copyright issues, technical concerns, the development of best practices, vendor relations, and digital longevity. Available in PDF format.

025.0 HEADLINE: Hybrid Electronic Access and Delivery in the Library Networked Environment Aims to define development of the end-user library environment, going beyond resource discovery to resource access, establish a working model for consistent access for library materials regardless of physical form and implement the model in a real-life environment.

025.0 HYLIFE: Hybrid Library of the Future Concerned with the integrated delivery of print and electronic (hybrid) services likely to be required by higher education libraries in the foreseeable future. Addresses the integration of the delivery of large-scale, print and electronic services behind an electronic interface. The focus is on users and organisational, social and educational issues rather than technology.

025.0 IFLANET: Digital Libraries: Resources and Projects IFLA (The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions) is the leading international body representing the interests of library and information services and their users.

025.0 Innovative Internet Applications in Libraries Links to projects, libraries and organisations making innovative use of the Internet in the library field. Categories include cataloguing, collection management, library tours and public relations.

025.0 M25 Link Project Aims to establish a pilot virtual clump to provide single search access to the library catalogues of six members of the M25 Consortium of Higher Education Libraries. The project will consist of a seamless search tool to the library OPACs of the six pilot partners and will provide monograph and serial information using the Z39.50 protocol.

025.0 MALIBU: Managing the Hybrid Library for the Benefit of Users Project to develop and implement prototype hybrid libraries in each of the three major partner institutions and in so doing derive institutional models, which will be tested first in a number of test-bed institutions before being distributed throughout the community. The project will focus on the Humanities disciplines and seeks to provide innovative and cost-effective ways to meet the ever-increasing information requirements of staff and students through cooperative resource sharing.

025.0 National Digital Library Competition: Lessons Learned A summary of various lessons learned about digitisation projects, extracted, summarised, and paraphrased from reports submitted by award winners. Topics include formats and specifications for digital reproduction, production workflow, project management, and intellectual access.

025.0 National Library of Australia Digital Services Project Project established to manage the National Library of Australia’s collections of digital Australiana and improve national access to digital collections. Offers an information paper and an overview of the project, detailing the context, national infrastructure, priorities and standards involved.

070.5 Online Books at Columbia: Measurement and Early Results on Use, Satisfaction, and Effect The Columbia Online Books Evaluation Project is designed to learn about the scholarly community’s enthusiasm for the online format. The paper focuses on user response and reports on the methodology for measuring adoption of online books by the Columbia community, current findings on relevant environmental factors, including access to online resources, current findings on use of online books and other online resources and current findings on attitudes toward online books.

025.0 RIDING Project: Z39.50 Gateway to Yorkshire Libraries Aims to support large scale resource discovery across the Yorkshire and Humberside region by using the Z39.50 protocol to create a distributed union catalogue.

025.0 SAPIENS: Scottish Academic Periodicals: Implementing an Effective Networked Service Research project charged with developing a Scotland wide electronic journal service. The methodology involves targeting smaller Scottish publishers, not yet online, and assisting them by providing server space, technical support, a high-profile gateway and various value-added services. Funded by SHEFC and SCURL.

025.0 SIMILE: Semantic Interoperability of Metadata and Information in unLike Environments Research project aiming to enhance interoperability among digital assets, schemas, metadata, and services. A key challenge is that the collections that must interoperate are often distributed across individual, community, and institutional stores.

025.0 Standards in the CHIC-Pilot Distributed Indexing Architecture Paper describing a project to investigate the feasibility of setting up a large-scale distributed indexing service for searching Web-based research information, and of providing a unified interface for users through the use of different standards and protocols.

025.0 University of Michigan Digital Library Project Project aiming to combine traditional notions of libraries with contemporary technological capabilities. Libraries have traditionally stressed service, organisation, and centralisation. The Web has embodied flexibility, rapid evolution, and decentralization. Digital libraries somehow need to bring these together.

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