025.8 Maintenance and preservation of collections

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025.8 Maintenance and preservation of collections

025.8 AIM25 Provides electronic access to collection level descriptions of archives of London based higher education institutions and learned societies. Descriptions can be searched by repository, using freetext or targeted strategies, or by thesaurus or name index. Also features links to participating institutions.

025.8 Archaeology Data Service GIS Guide to Good Practice Guidance for the creation, maintenance, use and long-term preservation of GIS based digital resources, with an emphasis on archaeological data.

025.8 Archives Hub Keyword searchable descriptions of archive collections held in UK universities and colleges. Offers bibliographic details of collections, an indication of their scope and content, administrative information, and a listing of access points for each entry.

025.84 Building a National Strategy for Preservation: Issues in Digital Media Archiving US Library of Congress report discussing efforts to develop a national strategy for the preservation of digital information. The report is based on consultations between federal, scholarly, and non-profit organisations, and is presented in html format and as a PDF file.

025.8 Canadian Archival Resources Collection of links to Canadian archives and related material on the Internet. Features an alphabetical listing, with additional divisions by region and type of resource.

025.8 CEDARS: CURL Exemplars for Digital Archives Project aiming to address strategic, methodological, and practical issues associated with digital preservation and provide subsequent guidance for libraries. It intends to deliver guidelines for developing digital collection management policies which may ensure the long-term viability of any digital resources included in a collection, provide demonstrator projects to test and promote the technical and organisational feasibility of the chosen strategy, and an analysis of the cost implications of digital preservation.

025.84 Commission for Preservation and Access: Structured Glossary of Technical Terms Glossary of terms associated with the technologies of document preservation, with particular emphasis on document media conversion and digital computer technologies.

025.8 Council on Library and Information Resources Publications Access to issues of several newsletters focusing on activities intended to ensure the preservation of published and documentary records in all formats and enhanced access to scholarly information, including the Preservation and Access International Newsletter. Aimed at university administrators, academics, library and archives professionals and preservation specialists.

025.84 Environmental Guidelines for the Storage of Paper Records Technical report discussing environmental parameters that influence the preservation of paper-based records in libraries and archives. Storage issues addressed include temperature, relative humidity, exposure to light, gaseous contaminants, and particulates, and associated recommendations are given. An appendix provides information germane to the development of environmental guidelines for storage with a technical summary of information in the literature. A glossary is provided.

025.84 EPIC: European Preservation Information Center Information on work concerning the preservation of the documentary heritage in Europe focusing on paper-based materials, as well as sound, film, photographs, and digital archives. Concentrates on preservation as an integral element in collection management and issues like mass conservation and conversion or substitution, rather than traditional restoration techniques.

025.84 European Commission on Preservation and Access: Gateway for Resources and Information on Preservation Offers a fully searchable database of information relating to the preservation of documentary and multimedia materials. Also contains two online publications outlining recent developments in the preservation of analogue library and archival materials, and the preservation of documentary materials in tropical climates. Available in pdf only.

025.84 Framework of Data Types and Formats, and Issues Affecting the Long Term Preservation of Digital Material Report of a study aiming to develop a framework for long-term preservation of digital material.

025.8 HMC Survey of Archive Cataloguing Problems Examines the problems associated with archive cataloguing in the UK, concluding that large quantities of archives in public repositories are uncatalogued or inadequately catalogued, and that a major injection of funds into a concentrated cataloguing programme is the only way to reduce or solve the problem. Presented as a PDF document.

025.84 Investigation into the Digital Preservation Needs of Universities and Research Funders Report of a study carried out by staff of the UK Data Archive to explore the extent to which electronic materials being generated within the university sector, or with funding from the main research councils, were subject to preservation policies, and to discover the views of key people in universities and funding agencies on their future needs with respect to digital preservation.

025.84 Iron Gall Ink Corrosion Information about iron gall ink and its tendency to slow corrosion. Provides detailed coverage of the ink’s history and ingredients, research into conservation, and an Ink Corrosion Show of Horrors.

025.84 Practical Advice for Preserving Publications on Disc Conference paper (January 1999) which provides guidance based on practical experience for those who wish to manage collections on computer disk. Appropriate materials, identification, metadata, copyright, preservation, and access considerations are dealt with in practical terms, to aid understanding and to show how this can be applied. Floppy disks, optical disks, CD-ROM, CD-R, and DVD-ROM are all considered, along with general principles and guidelines.

025.84 Preservation 101 Online course offering information on collection deterioration and the need for preservation. Provides advice and instruction on how best to preserve print material, online resources, and photographs, and also how to monitor and control temperature, relative humidity, and light. A glossary of terms is included.

025.8 Preservation Equipment Company providing materials and equipment for the conservation and preservation of archives and works of art. Includes information on products, new developments and contacts.

025.84 Preservation of Library and Archival Materials: A Manual Report detailing practical aspects of preserving library materials. Includes information on planning and prioritising, environmental issues such as humidity, temperature and air quality, emergency management, storage and handling, and reformatting of resources.

025.84 Preservation of the Integrity of Electronic Records Project which aims to define the requirements for creating, handling, and preserving reliable and authentic electronic records.

025.84 Preserving Digital Information: Final Report and Recommendations At the end of 1994 the Commission on Preservation and Access (CPA) and the Research Libraries Group (RLG) created a Task Force on Archiving of Digital Information charged with investigating and recommending means to ensure ‘continued access indefinitely into the future of electronic records stored in digital electronic form’. This is the final report of the task force.

025.8 Preserving Library Materials Guidelines and advice on the preservation of electronic and paper media in libraries. Describes the steps involved in preservation, answers FAQs, presents a self assessment quiz, and gives instructions on how to create your own book snake.

025.84 Responsibility for Digital Archiving and Long Term Access to Digital Data Report proposing that a publicly funded, permanent archive of digital materials produced in the UK and Ireland should be established, and that legal deposit legislation should be amended to cover electronic publications and other digital material.

025.8 RLG DigiNews: Digital Imaging and Preservation Microfilm: The Future of the Hybrid Approach for the Preservation of Brittle Books Article offers recommendations on the creation of microfilm, COM, and digital images from the perspectives of quality, cost, and technology, as well recommendations regarding the development of metadata elements associated with digitized page images.

025.8 Save Our Sounds A preservation program established to restore and make available collections of historical recordings of spoken word and music. Provides access to inspirational music, songs, poems, and speeches from countries around the world, as well as recordings from every US state. RealPlayer is required for some material.

025.8 Society of Archivists Society concerned with the care and preservation of archives and related research and promotion. Includes information on membership, special groups, conferences, training and publications.

025.8 United Kingdom Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works Body representing professional conservators and restorers working in disciplines including applied art, archaeology, archives, botany, industrial archaeology, paintings, paper, sculpture and zoology in the UK. Offers information on publications, events, specialist sections, and membership.

025.8 Using Kodak Photo CD Technology for Preservation and Access: A Guide for Librarians, Archivists, and Curators Report summarising the findings of a study that evaluated Kodak Photo CD technology as a tool for preserving and making research materials available electronically.

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